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Real-time Page Views with Next.js and Supabase

Let's Build our own real-time page view tracker using Next.js as the frontend framework and a Postgres database hosted by Supabase.

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Create a Dynamic Sitemap with Next.js

Improve your SEO for your Next.js website by dynamically creating a sitemap.xml for efficient and accurate indexing

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Prerender React using Next js

When you want to improve your website's performance or search engine optimization (SEO), prerendering your application is a must. Next.js is the perfect framework

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Authentication for Next.js using Firebase

Add server-side and client-size authenticaiton with protexted pages on your Next.js project using Firebase for user management and data store.

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Dark Mode Toggle Using Tailwind CSS

Tailwind recently released a setting that enables dark mode styles. You can add a prefix to specific classes to only enable when dark mode is enabled.

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Importance of typography

It may not feel like typography is that important, but it can have a major effect on your reader's experience.

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Defeating Flash of Unstyled Text (FOUT)

Sometimes it is undesirable for a website to display a system font before the font is fully loaded into the browser.

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Fathom Analytics: Privacy-Focused Website Analytics

The Rise of Privacy Stop stealing your visitors' personal information. Use Fathom Analytics as a privacy friendly solution for your traffic analytics.

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Utility-First CSS Is All the Rage

Introduction to styles When you are building a website, you typically want to style your HTML. You could use inline styles on your HTML elements.

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Building a VSCode Extension: Part Four

One of the of most important things to make this extension function is to figure out the best way to have the React.js app communicate with the extension framework.

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Managing Node.js with Volta

Volta is a command line tool used to manage your Node.js. It is built using Rust and is shipped as a static binary. It is extremely quick and effecient.

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Using Hashnode's API for Blog Previews

I wanted to display previews and links to my most recent posts on my portfolio website. Hashnode offers a GraphQL API to fetch your blog post information.

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Managing my node versions

Working on multiple projects at a time, I typically have to switch what version of node I am running. NVM is a great tool for the job.

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Building a VSCode Extension: Part Three

Now that I have a blank VS Code extension set up and working, I want to start building on it. Adding some Code formatting configs

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Building a VSCode Extension: Part Two

Now that I have an idea of what I am going to build, It's time to set up the repository. VSCode has a straightforward method for bootstrapping a new extension.

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Building a VSCode Extension: Part One

I have been looking for a fun side project to work on in my free time. Building projects is the best way to actually improve your skills as a developer.

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Being Successful While Working From Home

Working from home has some unique challenges compared to being in an office. When I worked in the office, I quickly excelled. I became the go-to guy...

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Remote Work Challenges

I have worked remote for nearly four years now. It has been awesome in so many ways for me and my family; I do not plan to go back to an office.

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Rome, All-In-One Frontend Dev Toolchain

TL;DR If you are tired of building your toolchain for your web development projects. Rome plans to be your one stop shop for all your development needs.

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Making the jump to start blogging!

I am ready to take my career and knowledge to the next level. One of the best ways of doing that is blogging.

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